4 Responses to “swoony tunes, I love old record album covers~!”

  1. Allee Willis

    Needless to say, I love old record jackets too.

    Love the graphics of the people in the Leroy Anderson and Dave Rose tunes one.

    I’ve admired Robertino before. He must have idolized Wayne Newton.

    Religious art covers like the 3rd LP are too spooky for me. They always spent about 3 cents making them and they’re way too faded for me. However, excellent that it’s autographed.

    As for the last LP, that deserves its own post as that’s the cast from The Donna Reed Show, and I’ve never seen it. So please make a separate post for that one. It’s a gem!

  2. suzette

    I will give the Donna Reed cover its own post. I laughed when I saw the Pathway to Eternity, thinking they were “borrowing” the title from Led Zeppelin! “And she’s purchasing a paa-ath-way to eeeeeterrrrnityyy”