7 Responses to “A beach scene & a Gold Sofa. Part 1”

  1. Allee Willis

    So fantastic I’ve stopped breathing!

    Unbelievably brilliant that the sofa is gold and wraparound and I’m always going to swoon wherever there’s a wall mural. And then that it’s framed by those 2 lamps. This kind of furniture rarely has me going but it’s put together so completely amazing I absolutely love it. Oooh, and I just noticed those 2 round white pillows on the couch. And that turquoise one, we had one in our living room exactly like that.

    I spend a lot of time in Monterey, CA and that mural is totally what it looks like there.

  2. MyFunCloset

    Thank you for validating this amazing moment with the honored C d’ C. Everyone was in awe of this room, in addition to the silver foil wall covering foyer and 37 full dinnerware sets spread throughout the house.

  3. windupkitty

    i am unable to breathe…….i’m having a rough time sleeping tonight and when i saw this picture……..well………wow………the couch…..the mural…..wow….this is an absolute triumph…you know, if you put those white pillows to your ears, you can hear the ocean!?!!!!! I’m sure of it…..

    i’m just not over that mural…i truly love it…honestly, why don’t all people have wallpaper like that? I truly miss the late 70s wallpaper that looked like forests….i always really loved that wallpaper…..of the ocean though?!?!?! :D that’s the stuff right there!!!!!

  4. windupkitty

    oh, and the upholstery on those couches looks like silk….so many of them in that condition!?!???!?! pretty amazing! i’m always glad to see thing like that preserved…..