Melmac tableware by Brookpark. Part 4

Submitted by MyFunCloset October 14th, 2011
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Here we are in th elower level “rec” room. Complete with a knotty pine wrap a round bar. “Blue Bell” melmac by Brookpark up for sale. No, I didn’t buy this either. We do have a set the Brookpark “Arrowhead” design of square plates and cups in gray, dark green, chartruese, and maroon, we use every day. Love that melmac! That knotty pine is sooooo 50’s. Don’t see that around anymore.

One Response to “Melmac tableware by Brookpark. Part 4”

  1. Allee Willis

    I have the exact same knotty pine downstairs in my rec room. And there’s that same type of curved wood with the metal border, other than my borders are all chrome. I also have many pieces of Brookpark “Arrowhead”, many in that color. So I completely relate to this photo.
    The combination of the blue and the brown of the wood is so perfectly 50s.

    This set becomes even more perfect knowing that this was a family who owned many sets. They had so many plates and serving pieces in this one, , and though I don’t see dinner or salad plates, which Brookpark “Arrowhead” definitely had, most of the other serving pieces are there.

    That the cups are hanging up on that little device, which was probably bought at the same time as the set, makes it even more fantastic.