Ted Nimmo (fellow akitschionado!!) and the Jesse James Wax Museum!!

Submitted by denny October 21st, 2011
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I was having a peek at fellow akitschionado Ted Nimmo’s pictures over on Face Book.  I commented on this picture as I was looking at the pictures of all his pets.  Yes, this is a gorgeous pooch but look what I found in the background of this picture!  I nicked this picture from Ted’s page on Face Book.


I wanna go!

A most gracious host giving a tour of the souvenir shop at the Jesse James Wax Museum.

7 Responses to “Ted Nimmo (fellow akitschionado!!) and the Jesse James Wax Museum!!”

  1. denny

    I think Allee will be provided with many pictures and some of them really good I think. If I had my way, I would have walked up on stage and snapped pics! I almost wet myself laughing so hard. Ted, you would have had a ball. Allee only surrounds herself with decent people which was pretty much most of the theater patrons. I finally got to see my boss-friend in action.

    Allee, I hope you do several posts about “Soup To Nuts” as there are many decent pics.

    • Allee Willis

      First I had to organize my thoughts about the show itself. That took until yesterday. Then I started going through photos. That took 2 days. Now I’m in Riverside with Larry Dunn, original Earth Wind & Fire member and who played piano at the show on September and Boogie Wonderland (as he did on both records). Party at my fave soul food restaurant in CA, Gram’s Mission BBQ Palace, last night and then concert tonight. I was going to lock myself up in the hotel room all day today and finally start to write some posts but I left a whole lotta photos at home by mistake. But I hope to start Tues. at the latest, maybe Monday.