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R&B Performer statuette

Submitted by Brother Cleve October 29th, 2011
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I found this odd and beautiful piece at a run down, low rent “discount house” at a run down, low rent Massachusetts beach (complete with roller coasters, fun houses, arcades, strip joints and lots of bars — including one I spent 2 summers playing at. Now all demolished and replaced with “luxury condos” no one has bought) in the 1980’s. I love the mispainted mustache, the lavendar tux jacket and matching stripe on the pants, the bulge in the trousers, the red bow tie and sunglasses — is it supposed to be Ray Charles or is it a Coaster, a Clover or a Cadet? Are there three more of these guys that I’m missing to complete the band?? I think this is one of my best finds of all time….and if I recall correctly it was 50¢

3 Responses to “R&B Performer statuette”

  1. Allee Willis

    Perfect in each and every way. I have a huge collection of these and have never ever ever seen this guy. So jealous I’m starting to sweat.

    The answer to if he has any mates might depend on his size. If he’s 9″ (in height!) or lower, I’m going to vote that he may have some friends. If taller, he could be freestanding.

    I absolutely love his casual pose and how slim everything is including his head. In fact, his head kills me. Love the tux stripe down the pants too. Mustache and lips outstanding.

    Thank you for the 360° views!

    • Brother Cleve

      He’s 11.5″ tall!

      I’ve never run into any others like this, and I’ve been on the lookout for 20 years now.

      From the moment I saw this I’ve always thought “WTF were they thinking?” Who was this marketed for??

      oh yeah — people like us

      Allee, you should get out one of those funeral fans to cool yourself down with!

      • Allee Willis

        11.5″ – It could go either way as per soulmate or soul-o.

        I’m still shocked that I’ve never seen this guy. I also just notice the texture on his jacket. That’s a little more detail than these things usually have. I would kill to know what he was created for and exactly what year.