6 Responses to “Ford 58 Brochure/Poster”

  1. Mark Milligan

    Look at all the models they had that year! And 2 convertibles, one a soft top, and the other the retractable.
    The kids who’s dad owned the local Ford dealer always had pretty cool older fords to drive, and for a long time one of them had one like the black and yellow coupe at the bottom right of the brochure. It had a “police interceptor” engine, which meant a tank going very, very fast down Nebraska highways in the early 70’s!
    And when you think about how many models Ford has pictured on this 1958 model brochure, it doesn’t include Mercury, Lincoln, and of course, wait for it, EDSEL!
    Doug do you think that is an an airport terminal, I mean depicted to look like an actual terminal, because it looks vaguely familiar.

  2. MyFunCloset

    I can remember as a little one, the 50’s cars were so easy to ID.
    Right down to the year, model and make. Even the year’s popular color changed from year to year. Look at all those two-tone interiors too.