BINGO-MATIC! original vintage game

Submitted by denny November 7th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I found this bingo game while on a visit to the local “dump store”.  I really love the artwork here but love even more the little bingo gadget that comes with it.  There is no date of manufacture anywhere on this box.

Proof of purchase sticker on the box itself.

Stands almost 13 inches high an has a crank handle on the opposite side that you turn causing little bingo pieces to spit out and into this little cup.

The cards.

7 Responses to “BINGO-MATIC! original vintage game”

  1. Allee Willis

    You know I LOVE my Bingo! I’ve seen this but have never owned it. Now I’m on the lookout. I love the little Bingo machine.

    I love that they call it a Complete Bingo “Outfit”.

  2. BeeJay

    I was once bidding on ebay on such a home bingo and was so bummed that I didn´t win that my hubby surprised me with a white sweater with “Born to Bingo” printed on it, in golden glittery letters! :)