2 Responses to “Bowl n’ BBQ Ashtrays”

  1. Allee Willis

    Beautiful both!

    I love these old advertising glass ashtrays, especially when combined with bowling or barbecue.

    I haven’t collected anything like the one from The Royal since James Brown went through my house in 1985 picking out those things that had to either be destroyed or live in a box forever. This one isn’t really racist though, as they showed some restraint with the whites of the eyes and lips size. I do really like that spelling on “Smokquee” to accentuate that it’s a barbeque(e).

  2. Douglas Wood

    I agree with Mr. Brown. I don’t feel comfortable displaying any images in my home that would cause anyone pain. The images I’ve seen in your house are celebrations of a culture you love and don’t fall into that category.