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Pigfest 2011 Pt1

Submitted by BRBill November 11th, 2011
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Once again, it’s up early on October 22 for a trip up the country, out of Baton Rouge thru the wilds of Mississippi thru Natchez on the bluffs, cross the Mississippi river at Vicksburg, back into Louisiana and up thru Tallulah to the plantation grounds out at Talla Bena. Arrive slightly after noon to see friends and eventually family and a whole lot more folks i’d not met yet. The always highly prized Hubig’s pies and a fine red velvet cake were placed upon the desert table. Shortly thereafter a long line mysteriously materializes for the food.

Just some of the deserts.

….and food….

Bill has this. Pulled pork, twice mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, limas, turnip greens, fried chicken, rice/brocolli casserole, crawfish etouffe in the bowl and sweet tea….yes, all very good and filling.

One of the cool homemade signs…

Back behind the main house is a large wooded area with trails thru it. A good number of folks set up their tents and camps back in this area. A lot of kids come too and this sign is a warning to them, lets keep it fun and safe folks….

…and just in case you thought the above sign was not a real warning, here we have Debbie Foster aka Granny Foster and Bill and she knows everything that goes on….

A little bit of kitcsh brought in as a present and a portent of things to come in the next post which will feature more Swingin Swine, a flying pig, the cock of the walk and his hens, a classic Mustang ragtop and much more…..

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