The Allee Willis Potato Head

Submitted by BeeJay November 13th, 2011
Certifikitsch WinnerClassique d Camembert

The Potato Head is one of my fave classic toys, because the possibilities of altering it are practically endless. And as I know, you Allee, love everything funny or crazy with your face on it I thought it was a nice idea to create a Potato Head that looks like you – our beloved QUEEN OF KITSCH.

I took some pictures of the making and here you can see what I used – a vintage easter egg, papermaché and some acrylic colors.

First covering the egg..

Then adding the details step by step. It took me quite a while, cause every bit had to dry first before I could continue (sometimes several days) smoothening the details with sandpaper, but I really had so much fun making it and Tobi was taking pics of the busy bee me and the progress.

After I sculpted the hair I was totally bummed to find the head the next day almost hairless again. During the drying process everything fell off again and there was not much left but a few papermaché “sausages” laying around on my desk, but the next try with more water bonded just fine and worked out well. After searching for some pics of your red NIKE boots I was able to finally finsish my “Mini-Allee”, which is now sitting on the desk of my painting studio and smiles all day :)

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