“Slick Chick” and “A Good Number” punchboards

Submitted by Douglas Wood November 14th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I bought these two pin-up punchboards years ago and just now discovered them again.  They’re from the 30’s and were often found at drug stores, carnivals and roadside gas stations.  This one measures 10″ x 20″.

You paid a nickel and got to select a hole to punch out, which provided you with a little slip of paper with info on it determining if you won a cash prize or not.  Amazingly, only a few holes were punched on these when I bought them and I can’t bring myself to punch any myself as the more punched the boards are, the lower the value.   The one below measures 10″ x 13″.  The artwork on these sure beats today’s  tacky lottery cards you scratch.   No doubt about it– I was born in the wrong decade.

2 Responses to ““Slick Chick” and “A Good Number” punchboards”

  1. Allee Willis

    These are in amazingly great shape. Unpunched and virginal.

    I used to come across these fairly frequently but never understood what they were for. Now I see that they were kind of like slot machines. Thank God I didn’t know or I’d have punched out every little slip of paper.

    Did you find them both together?

  2. Douglas Wood

    Yes, I found them together and I’m embarrassed to say I paid A LOT for them as it was in my early days of collecting and I hadn’t yet developed the ability to haggle (or to pass up cool items because they were too pricey.)