San Francisco Wind Up Crab

Submitted by denny November 23rd, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I found this at the dump store near my house. The dump stores in each township are actually called “gift huts” or “Gift Shops”. I will always refer to them here as dump stores. This crab was found yesterday. Just what everyone needs, a wind up crab from San Fran.

4 Responses to “San Francisco Wind Up Crab”

  1. Allee Willis

    This would look nice in my backyard beach but I’m not the world’s biggest San Francisco fan due to my many trips there during my 90’s tech period when it was filled with ungodly greedy tech nerds out to make bucks and not necessarily great technology. I met so many soulless people (and a few great ones) but for the most part it represented money hungry nerds with no heart. Now, aren’t you glad you submitted this crab?

    Do both his legs and pinchers move?

  2. Celiene

    Allee – you should have gone to the Castro. Or Haight Street. Come back – I’ll take you to all the fun places! And I’ll take you down the more crookeder-er street than Lombard. (Shh – it’s a secret!)

    • Allee Willis

      Boy, it would take A LOT! I know/like Castro/Haight but SF was filled with enough of the most disgustingly greedy techies throughout the 90’s to last me a lifetime. Perhaps the 2000’s lightened it up…