Artz and Craftz- Banana Plantation Tie Dye

Submitted by BRBill November 26th, 2011
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I got into doing tie dye back around the turn of the century because i needed more tie dyed socks. Seems that all the pairs i had were getting seriously religious one me, ie hole-y. It had been a while since i’d seen my tie dye connection in New Orleans, i just couldn’t run him down. So i decided i’d start making my own. A search of the intranets led me to Dharma Trading in San Rafael, Ca. and with a bit of cash i’d gotten from my folks for my birthday that year, i ordered a kit and “went into business”. I started off making socks exclusively. I sold a bunch of bags full of socks. Then someone posed the question as to whether i did shirts or not. Well, give me a shirt and i’ll experiment. That sorta worked. That led to buying books and i got the drift quickly, “oh, that’s how that’s done”. I learned the rules, learned how to break them, what works and what doesn’t and haven’t looked back since. Now, i’ll put dye on pretty much anything, yes there are limits. Here’s a couple videos i did last year, it’s the whole process for one shirt that i had to divide into two parts due to length restrictions i was under at the time…..

Hope this works and that y’all enjoy……………..

Back yard, the Banana Plantation with plants being overrun by lantanna……….

3 Responses to “Artz and Craftz- Banana Plantation Tie Dye”

  1. Allee Willis

    Very ambitious and love that you’ve sold socks! My favorite clothing item in the world. I’ve always been intrigued with clothing dye tho have never attempted it myself. But I rarely like anything white so I’d be dangerous with tie-dying experience. Keep on keepin’ on, Bill! And thanx for including those vids.

  2. BRBill

    Thanks Allee. Glad ya like the socks. I’ve been meaning to do a video of the socks process and will eventually get around to it. The socks tagline is “they make happy feets”. Plain white clothing is oh so boring, at least to me. Put some color in your life!