4 Responses to “Ceramic ashtray or dish – found at the local dump “gift hut””

  1. denny

    Thought I did a post already.

    Well Ted, each township (mine is Orleans) has to take their trash to the local dump. Actually, each township has their own dump and “gift hut”. It started here on Cape Cod years and years ago. People were getting caught and hurt rummaging through the dump piles. Each dump by the way is so orderly and neat believe it or not. So to lower law suits and keep people from hurting themselves, they came up with the “GIFT HUTS”. It’s a place to put stuff that is too good to throw in the dump piles/bins, so they stick all this stuff in the gift hut and the only catch is…..YOU SHOP FOR FREE! Seriously, it flipped me out at first but shopping at the gift huts became an obsession. If you do a search here and just put in the word “dump” in the “eyeball search engine”, you’ll get most of posts of the items I found at these gift huts! Have fun!