5 Responses to “The Velvelettes “He Was Really Sayin’ Something” – original single”

  1. Allee Willis

    The Velvelettes never got their due. Maybe because they were so reminiscent of their label-mates, Martha & The Vandellas, in sound and hairstyle. Although “He Was Really Sayin’ Something” was a fairly large hit, especially in Detroit where these girls came from. One of their songs was one of my favorite Motown records of all time, “Needle in a Haystack”.

  2. denny

    WHAT!!!!!! That is also my favorite by them. “Needle In A Haystack” is a pretty amazing song. What a beat.

    My friend Jennie from the all-girl 80’s pop band “The Belle Stars” did a kick ass version of this on their debut album back in the day. It’s interesting to hear others interpretations of a song, and Jennie and the band did it justice. Then again, I love that all-girl 80’s sound. Has a bit of a tribal beat. Finding a good man goes like……….


  3. denny

    You should see the lp’s I have been snatching from the dump. Great stuff with some wacked covers that will be appearing here at awmok very soon.