3 Responses to “Bernie Always Loved Good Conversation, 14×11 (a painting by Denny)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Absolutely love this guy. Color scheme is really fantastic. And you can tell exactly who he is by the way he’s portrayed. If you ever make an animated series Bernie should definitely be the nervous character. French fry hair excellent too.

  2. denny

    Inspired by my Uncle Bernie who was, and still is (at 90) ,a fast talker.

    You have no idea how much I would love to do this and whittle down my “real job” hours.

    To think AW, Before meeting you, I never painted before in my life. I soooo enjoy it but do wish I was living in LA right about now. I’m not marketable here. Come to Cape Cod and in most local joints or coffee houses, the paintings are of lighthouses and windmills. How do I compete with that?

    I will never get tired of thanking you for introducing me to a hobby that brings much joy to me. Now if I can just learn how to draw profiles, give people the proper amount of digits, I’ll be all set.


    • Allee Willis

      Thank you and my pleasure, Denny.

      It took Bubbles a couple of years to get to profiles too. One tip, if you’re ever trying to draw a profile of someone you’ve already drawn straight on, you can just take the nose and cut it right down the middle and that usually gives you the profile nose.