Some sort of mysterious tool from the 40’s

Submitted by denny December 16th, 2011
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I have no idea what this is but I found it at the dump’s “gift hut” here in my town of Orleans.  It looks like it might be from the 40’s and is some sort of measuring device.  It’s in the “A” box.

4 Responses to “Some sort of mysterious tool from the 40’s”

  1. denny

    I love these old tools even though I have no bloody idea what it’s used for. If by chance you figure it out, let me know. Whether it’s used for parts or whatever, just enjoy it! It had your name all over it.

  2. BRBill

    I’d say it measures the “flo”/flow of something in feet per minute but can’t think of what that might be. It does not look like the instrument would be immersed in a fluid but would rather have said fluid pass through it to be measured….he says with waaay too many hours of chemistry taken in school.