Radio City Rockette Christmas

Submitted by shirlie williams December 19th, 2011
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A year ago today , Karl and I went to see the Rockette Christmas Show at Radio City. This was something I had waited years to do and I was beside myself with excitement !

Martha Stewart Christmas Tree.

The whole spectacle was just fantastic , the theatre is just lush and visiting the toilet is a real delight but which one to choose !!

Even Karl enjoyed the show! I brought home my 3d glasses as my souvenir.

7 Responses to “Radio City Rockette Christmas”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’ve still never seen The Rockettes Christmas show. Completely crazy. Especially because Scott Sanders, who produced my Color Purple musical, ran Radio City for so many years. I know it’s something I would love and cherish in cheese memories for the rest of my life. I’m so happy you got to see this, Shirley.

    • shirlie williams

      Thank you for the Camembert always excited when I receive one . I did not realise Scott Sanders ran Radio City . I was so happy, my sister and brother in law gave us the tickets for a Christmas present , to go the day after we arrived , I burst into tears I was so happy. It certainly is something I will always remember. I did visit Radio City 3 years ago and had a backstage tour which was fabulous (must post ).

  2. denny

    Wow. Pretty nice. I saw the christmas show once, back in 1985. I was dating the guy who played the lead elf, he was literally 2 feet tall. Ah, New York memories.