5 Responses to ““DAISY” (a Dell paperback)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Have you ever actually read one of these books? They are either completely hideously written, probably in one afternoon, or brilliantly written because it was the only gig that so many blacklisted writers could get in the 50s and 60s.

    I love that Baby Girl Simmons wrote under the name Sim Wenner. What does that even mean?? Are we all supposed to know who Baby Girl Simmons is?

    Whoever drew Daisy was probably staring at a photo of Ann-Margret circa 1968.

  2. denny

    I wish was feeling ripe for kicks.

    I couldn’t find a lick of info on Baby Girl Simmons. I can’t stand when men or women call someone “baby girl”. I hate that. Oh, how I love to digress…..