3 Responses to “Publicity Girl – a 40 cent pulp novel by Avon Books”

  1. Allee Willis

    What was the first best thing?

    Love the graphic.

    I wish I could find a good Publicity Girl. They all promise big things and then just put a cookie cutter on you, which sinks someone like me who can’t be put into a box. I’d rather spend a a quarter for the book than $5000 for the (ineffective) services. Bitter about the (mostly) idiots I’ve hired?? Nooooooooo….well, uh, yessssss.

    • k2dtw

      So do I… someone really FABULOUS to help you!!!
      AND…would love to see The “Allee Willis” Reality Show!!!
      Denny…at some Modern Shows we get to see the artwork (usually oil) for the pulp covers… So Cool!!!