8 Responses to “Beautiful Vase 40’s/50’s”

  1. denny

    K2! Damn you are one hell of a researcher! awmok loves that for sure! Did your light switches arrive yet?

    I’m in philly and email connection is sketchy here…….

  2. k2dtw

    Going to the post office today will let you know!!!…Yea!!..
    Thank you, it just comes from years and years and years of shopping…smile Shopped many glass shows and flea mkts when I was collecting Fiesta.. LOVE pottery from that era, and the glaze that they did on the ceramics…and my beloved Flamingos!!
    I love that Michael has probably had the same experience…and can ID so many things!!! …LOVE AWMOK!!!
    Did you run the steps at the PHL Museum of Art???… just like Rocky!!!… take pictures!!!…