My 1950’s Waffle Iron

Submitted by denny January 20th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

This is one of the only things I will actually cook myself, waffles. I found this waffle iron at the Melrose & Fairfax flea market for $5.00 in the late 90’s and it has survived many moves and many uses!


Gettin’ down with some bisquick waffles or so I thought…..

I had a picture of it cooking but it bubbled over and made the biggest mess. As I come to find out, Ernie used something OTHER than bisquick and the kitchen looked like a disaster. Everyone will just have to use their imagination.

2 Responses to “My 1950’s Waffle Iron”

  1. Allee Willis

    Oh, I would’ve loved to see the result! ALWAYS photograph, even if a disaster (even better!). I was so digging the documentation. Maybe you should make another batch. Having owned this exact waffle iron until it was on the brink of spontaneously combusting it makes big, beautiful, whopping waffles.