Today’s The First Day of the Rest of Your Dreary Life…Happy New Year!

Submitted by Mod Betty January 21st, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

My sister and I always crack up at the saying “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” as it was painted on an interior wall of our high school, leading into the cafeteria. It made little impact on the direction of our lives, despite the sentiment. So when I saw this I just had to pick it up to mail to her:

(It says 1974 Wallace Berrie in tiny letters on the bottom)

Happy New Year!

7 Responses to “Today’s The First Day of the Rest of Your Dreary Life…Happy New Year!”

  1. k2dtw

    I never knew they made the signs???…
    Can I ask what are the “Greetings From” Postcards it is sitting on for the photograph?????…

  2. Mod Betty

    We have one of those Sillisculpts in a hidden nook of our garage (Its too cold and dark now to snap a photo but I’ll add it to the Kitsch collection here soon!) and he’s hysterical. I almost started collecting them and kind of relieved I didn’t (so is Retro Roadhusband!)

    The post cards the sign are on are not really post cards at all – though I DO loves me some “greetings from” post cards and have a small collection of them. It’s the top of a storage box for photos that had them printed on top.

    And yes, I’ve never been into the whole “western” look that was popular in the early 70’s but the sayings usually do it for me. Here’s another one that I gave to my sister when she moved into her new house, she always liked it but it’s that same style. I can’t help but hear Carly Simon when I see it, or think of ketchup!

    • Allee Willis

      Sillisculpt collections are dangrous because there are thousands of them. I’ve had friends that collect them and they do start overtaking everything. Between the Berries, Paulas, and American Greetings they ravenously buy everything. I can, of course, completely relate to being a collector but all of those little people with their poisonously sweet sayings would drive me nuts after a while. With this said, I’d definitely like to see yours whenever you make it to the hidden nook in the garage!

      • Nessa

        At the bookstore the other day, I saw a line of new Star Wars figures that are made to look like the old Sillisculpts… they have faux cheesy sayings on them and everything. The Princess Leia one was the best.