Vintage CERAMIC (male and female) CHEF Jewelry Holders – a matching set

Submitted by denny January 21st, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

About 8 inches long.  I almost had a fit when I found these.  I rarely get a set of something so cheap.  These beauties were $6.99 a piece and both are in gorgeous shape!


9 Responses to “Vintage CERAMIC (male and female) CHEF Jewelry Holders – a matching set”

  1. Allee Willis

    Seriously great find and in such beautiful shape! i love that they’re made to hold things so that you can better cook with nimble fingers.

    I can’t beIieve they priced these separately so this set could be broken up. i HATE when peopledo that. Whether lack of awareness or greed, it sucks either way! But happily,you insured the family will stay together.

  2. Mod Betty

    Denny- no wonder I’ve been coming up dry on my thrift jaunts lately – I had no idea you were in my neck of the woods, but now it all makes sense.


    These are a great find, and useful too for those of us who don’t have dishwashers, and still wash all of our dishes by hand. I remember my grandmother losing the diamond on her wedding ring when she was doing the dishes once (they retrieved it luckily) so I always make sure to take my rings off. I’ll have to share where I keep my rings, as I think it’s Kitschenette worthy!