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Dinosaurs are Great for Rings and Things!

Submitted by Mod Betty January 26th, 2012
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Ask and ye shall receive!

I’ve been using this Moldarama dinosaur to hold my rings when I do the dishes ever since we got married (coming up on 10 years!)

He’s a wonderful alternative to the fancy crystal ring keepers I used to see when I worked in home furnishings retail. Crystal & me? Hardly! More like Melamine – or Fiestaware in this case :-)

I was so excited to get this dinosaur, as we made him from a Moldarama machine at the Field Museum in Chicago, and I had not seen one of these machines since a school field trip visit to a science musuem outside of Worcester MA back in the 1970’s.

At that time I didn’t have enough money to make a dinosaur of my own, and making this guy years later helped mend that sad hole in my personal history. Also it’s a fond remembrance of the roadtrip I took with “Retro Roadhusband” less than a month before we got married- we drove all the way from the Delaware beaches to Chicago, and had a great time in the windy city!

Moldaramas are usually pretty pliable when you first make them, but since this guy is almost 10 he’s a bit brittle and I was so sad when he hopped off his perch above the sink recently and his base cracked into pieces. I did manage to glue him together, but now I see he needs a bit of a “prehistoric pedicure” to get the extra glue out from between his dino-toes!

8 Responses to “Dinosaurs are Great for Rings and Things!”

    • Mod Betty

      Oh I’ve got total Mold-A-Rama Envy/Fever now! Was just thinking today that someone should make a “MAR” map so we know where to look for ’em. Perhaps that will be a new category on!

      In other interesting news, I was organizing my Kitschenette photos over at my Flickr site and notice I had taken almost the EXACT same photo of my dino, almost exactly a year ago today, with rings around his neck and everything. Too funny!

      I can now narrow it down that he fell to his damage in 2011.

  1. Douglas Wood

    Your post brought back pleasant memories of my youth. I was born and raised in Chicago and had many field trips (no pun intended) to the Field Museum. I had one of these dinos at one time.

    • Mod Betty

      That’s so cool that it brings back memories for you – it does for me too! Not only does it remind me of the way cool visit we had to Chicago, but it totally reminds me of the Sinclair gas station dinosaur. I actually never remember seeing the stations themselves, but I have a memory of my grandfather giving me a plastic bank almost just like this green guy, and also the childrens section of the public library in the town where I grew up had a big glittery dinosaur from them on top of the book cases in the kids section. I always wondered what happened to that. Isn’t it neat how a little something can bring back a flood of memories! I think that’s why I love souvenirs so much!