It was a K-Tel Records Kinda Morning

Submitted by Mod Betty January 30th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

We got together with a bunch of pals last night after Musician Husband’s local gig, and the music on the Sirius radio station had us all talking about K-Tel records. We were all hysterical and laughing to find out that each one of us still had one, or in most cases, MANY K-Tel records in our collections, and spent the night talking about the covers, the tunes, the commercials. So it only seemed right that this morning I would pull out my own collection of K-Tel’s, accumulated through the years of thrifting, and listening to them this Sunday morning.

OH the memories!

The Disco version of the Star Wars theme!

Heaven on the 7th Floor (I hadn’t heard that since 7th grade!)

Disco Tex & the Sex-o-Lettes!

I then logged onto Facebook to find that the friends we had hung out with last night had all done the same thing- what a fun way to spend a Sunday morning!

2 Responses to “It was a K-Tel Records Kinda Morning”

  1. Allee Willis

    I LOVE K-Tel records. Really off versions of massive hits. I forget the name of my favorite one I still have with the bright red cover with a Pimp straddling his ho and holding a shotgun. It came out around 1972 and is filled with Shaft-like hits as well as a few misses.

    I’m really interested in that one in the bottom right corner called Continuous Disco Music. With such a generic title it’s got to be brilliant.