Ever wonder what a TV cost in 1955?

Submitted by MyFunCloset February 5th, 2012
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Just recently, I found two 1955 “Better Homes and Gardens” magazines. The ads are priceless.  This was the television department.

I think we had TV #16.  My earliest memories were Howdy Doody, Dragnet, Burt Parks and Bess Myerson wearing a mink coat. My creativity began with “Winky Dink”. Rather than draw on the green film covering the TV screen, I drew directly on the screen. Can’t remember being punished.

Below are the prices and descriptions. Big money for 1955, yet  just about family sprung for one….and all you got were 3 channels in black and white and not remote control.

3 Responses to “Ever wonder what a TV cost in 1955?”

  1. Allee Willis

    The occasion of buying a tv was a BIG deal in ’55. I didn’t even see my 1st color TV show till Peter Pann in 1959. I can remember every single detail of going over to my one friend’s house who had the one color TV in the neighborhood. I can remember going into TV stores with my mom. I always wanted her to buy every single one of them.

    I do actually have he tv n the top left corner of the 2nd photo. It’s in my storage garage.

    This makes an excellent companion piece to the Motorola brochures here at AWMOK. This isn’t as modernistic but I always love people dressed up in the presence of ther new tv. Besides, that giant sleigh Santa’s got them displayed on is excellent!