2 Responses to “The Phantom EG”

  1. Erasmus Thump

    You may find all fo the gory details on our online kiosk http://www.thephantom.co.uk but in essence we began in 1919 and produced such famous machines as Maude’s Rattling Knickers, The Twizzler, and The Fanny Hammer. Production was interrupted in 1929 when three of our founders, your’s truly included, died. Our company secretary, Mrs. Mabel Ramsbottom, who is still alive to this day, managed to help us revive the old firm in 2008. We have been producing the Phantom EG as you see above, since then. The Hotspur is our newest model and our first example was just recently completed. The prototype for our next model, The Dreadnought, is in production and we hope to have it completed this Summer. WE are also still putting the finishing touches on our first book, Erasmus’ Gamble, and we hope to also have that completed this summer.
    Tally Ho!