8 Responses to “Cezeta”

  1. Erasmus Thump

    This Ceseta 502 was built in 1963. And Allee, you will be pleased to know that this Cezeta is now fully restored and is two-tone — cream on top, and burgundy on bottom. The PAV trailer has a matching paint job. It is a fascinating machine as it has electric start — unusual for a two-wheeled vehicle for 1963.
    Cezetas were made by Jawa and an important source of foreign currency for the Czech government during the cold war. The engineering is very good and robust and the ride very comfortable. In Eastern Europe during the cold war the waiting list for a Trabant care might be years but a young family might get a Cezeta in just a few months. So it was common for young families to get a Cezeta and a PAV trailer and tour Eastern Europe for summer holidays.