12 Responses to “What was Next Year’s Theme?”

  1. Allee Willis

    I agree! To think of your senior prom as the end of your great life experiences is very sad. I imagine that most people who went to this high school never moved out of town and are now middle-aged and slightly lost given the lack of encourage ment they were given with this prom souvenir. With this said, if there were a whole set of these I would’ve snapped them up.

  2. windupkitty

    Ahahaha YOu know what?! It never occurred to me that this was a high school prom! I immediately thought it was a senior center or something, especially given the ballroom dancing logo (yes, I grew up ballroom dancing, and yes, I rarely had a partner under 80)!!!! DUH!!! Well, I guess everyone knows who didn’t go to prom now!!! I wonder if that’s one of those missed milestones that has infinitely messed me up!?!?! :D

  3. denny

    I was so glad my prom was the end of my high school years. Ugh, I hated every minute of high school, except for Becky who used to let me give her hicky’s all the time.