Tupperware World Headquarters – A Must Visit

Submitted by Mod Betty RetroRoadmap.com February 10th, 2012
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Two of our favorite central Florida attractions are within a stones throw of each other on the old Orange Blossom Trail – aka Route 17 just south of Orlando Proper. You already know how we feel about Gatorland – but how very kitschy and cool to know that their next door neighbor is the World Headquarters for Tupperware!

Built in 1970 and quite mod inside, there is a museum – or what they call the Confidence Center, located in the main building. There, Monday-Friday 10-4 for FREE you can learn about the history of Tupperware, their famous home parties, and all the brands that are now under the Tupperware Brands umbrella. One of ’em is Fuller – like the Fuller Brush man, selling brushes door-to-door!

While the place is really mod and 1970s futuristic looking ( I kept on thinking of the Woody Allen movie Sleeper) My favorite parts were the vintage Tupperware, under glass (nah, probably plastic) domes, preserved for generations to come:

AND there’s even a place where you can collect miniature Tupperware collectibles:

And finally, if that wasn’t enough, you can place yourself in one of the backdrops from the famous Tupperware Jubilees (pre-Disney central FL entertainment spectacles) and get your photo snapped and then email it to someone! Here’s “Retro Roadhusband” and me doing our best to minimize our appearance and maximize the backdrop wonderfulness:

With a gift shop Gallery of Tupperproducts to purchase, who can resist? I’m now considering trying to host a Tupperware home party myself!

8 Responses to “Tupperware World Headquarters – A Must Visit”

  1. Allee Willis

    Now there is NO QUESTION that i will make it to Orlando. WHO KNEW that Tupperware Headquarters was there?!!! And looking like what you describe??

    I’m obsessed with everything about Tupperware, their products, their style, their parties, but most of all, BROWNIE WISE. Are you hip to her? If not, theree’s an incredible documentary about Tupperware and especially Brownie called Tupperware! that you must track down. In the meantime: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brownie_Wise

    Love the photo! Excellent use of foreground objects.

  2. Mod Betty RetroRoadmap.com

    I’d like to thank The Academy, and all the little people who made this award possible…! But seriously! Thanks for the accolades!

    The Confidence Center isn’t huge but it is definitely worth the stop! I also blogged about it on RetroRoadmap.com where you can see more photos, and my co-blogger for this piece (Rick Kilby from Vintage Ephemera) did a great job of researching the history and Brownie Wise relationship to Tupperware!

    On a totally Kismet related note – when we told our friends who we were crashing with in FL that we went to the Tupperware HQ we found out that our host was actually the first man ever to be the focus of the cover of a Tupperware catalog! I’ve got my Tupperconnections looking for a copy of it – talk about fame! It was all great, silly, kitschy fun!