A Fun Way to Spend a Penny….Unusual Urinals

Submitted by shirlie williams February 11th, 2012
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I have come across these ceramic flower urinals before , a garden centre in the north of the UK has them in their loo, they are quite stunning and I think every home should have one even , even just for decorative purposes.

This I believe is in China, a bizarre mix of the Virgin Mary and what appear to be crocodiles !!!

My personal favourite..

Some more flower inspirations including a handbasin…

5 Responses to “A Fun Way to Spend a Penny….Unusual Urinals”

  1. Allee Willis

    Woweeeeeeeeee! I’ve never even seen these before. Not that I have reason to go into too many urinals….

    I like the mouths the best, though all seem like perfect deposit recepticles.

  2. Douglas Wood

    These are outrageous! You would NEVER see the Virgin Mary ones in the U.S.– the religious right would be all over them like, well, like urine on a fire hydrant. Nothing like the gaping crocodile mouths to encourage developing strong bladder control.

    • shirlie williams

      Im not sure where the Virgin Mary ones are situated…I would love one, maybe out in the garden with some plants in… My hubby Karl was disturbed by the crocodile ones ..