Elizabeth Taylor

Submitted by Bob Ramsdell February 11th, 2012
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This picture  was sent to me with an accompanying letter from her secretary about two years before she died. We had the same birthday and she was two years younger. The reason I got her picture was that I had taken a picture of Richard Burton during the filming of The Sandpiper on the Monterrey Peninsula and sent it to her. My wife and I were going to an art gallery on the coast south of Carmel and we noticed some cars parked off the road near the gallery. We parked there and watched a movie crew filming a scene. There were large lights on trying to burn off the fog. Burton was supposed to get out of his car, walk past a few others and into the gallery. The take wasn’t  right so the assistant director set up another and Burton came over to talk with the few people there. On the next take everything was going along fine until he turned the corner to the gallery and the cameraman’s son stuck his head out of the back seat of a car and said “Hi Mr. Burton” which broke up the crew and they decided to stop for the day. Just then, a big Rolls Royce got there with Elizabeth in the back seat. We went into the gallery and had a short conversation with Vincente Minelli about art. He asked my wife about what she thought of a few pictures and bought two of them.

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  1. Bob Ramsdell

    My first girl friend was in 1947. She was 15 and I was 17and I took her to see the Ice Capades in San Francisco. She was identical to Liz except a blond. She also had lavender eyes. Later on, when “The Klansman” was being filmed in in Oroville, CA, Richard gave a diamond ring to a waitress where I would eat breakfast once on awhle. It wasn’t too long after that they got a divorce. I heard at the time that they did $50,000 damage to the place they rented for the month it took to film the movie. The place later was turned into a very nice restaurant with a great view of the Butte Creek Canyon and we ate there several times.