1964 And The Cat Was Outside

Submitted by shirlie williams February 12th, 2012
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The story behind this picture…my mother arranged to have a professional photographer come to our house on evening to take some shots of me in my best dress (an itchy stretchy woolly number.) I refused , I would not have any picture taken unless I had my cat Pippy, it was blowing a gale outside,pouring with rain so my mother went hunting for the cat. Cat found , I still refused unless I could wear my nurses uniform( I was stroppy at 4yrs old ), so her eis my favourite childhood picture, a happy child with cat and Nurses uniform…I adored my cat…any cats infact and its been a lifelong passion….but I changed my mind about becoming a nurse…check out the crazy 60’s wallpaper.

7 Responses to “1964 And The Cat Was Outside”

    • shirlie williams

      Pippy was with us for only 10 years, my mother always had black cats and every one was called Pippy ! When I left home I got myself a black cat called Eric, he lived to a ripe old age..

  1. Mark Milligan

    Great photo Shirley.

    I beg to differ, I am going to speculate that you have in fact been a nurse, just to kitties.

    Wallpaper is AWESOME. Do you remember what colors were in the pattern?

    • shirlie williams

      I have Mark , and to other peoples..I adore cats..
      The wallpaper was a blend of grey and dark green…according to my mother. It is crazy, it ripe for a revival I think !

    • shirlie williams

      I think Pippy looks very relaxed…I loved my Nurses outfit and my dolls fridge with the light that came on when you opened the door…