Submitted by windupkitty February 15th, 2012
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Sunol is the tiny whistle stop town that’s at the end of the Niles Canyon Railway ride (the train has an engine on each end, so no fancy turntable unfortunately). I have only spent about 15 minute in the town of Sunol, but I can’t wait to go back! It seems to me, there are only a few businesses: 3 bar/restaurants and an antiques shop. There is a little community park and a lovely bronze statue of the former mayor (may he rest in peace).

Parked across from the train station, there is an old fire engine, which is pretty cool. I have a deep affinity for all things Fire Deparment related :)

And at Bosco’s Bones and Brew, there is a dead stuffed dog that pees beer. Very creative for a bar tap, is you ask me. He is s tribute to the town mayor who passed away in 1994. I haven’t been inside BB&B’s and it’s definitely not the place for vegetarians (plenty of veal on the menu! Evil!! :( !!!!!) but I’m sure it’s worth a visit!

There is also a repertory theater with an upcoming play to offer. I’m definitely going at some point. By the looks of this sign, I’d be crazy to miss it! I’m dying to know whether she gets hit by the train or not!

So, yeah, when you take the train from Niles, stay awhile in Sunol. Spend some money in the Whistle Stop Antiques Shop (turn the door handle to the left to get inside!) and make sure you don’t miss the last train back to Niles at 3:15 pm. As the engineers warn when they drop you at the station: It’s a long walk back!

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  1. Allee Willis

    I can’t believe I never heard of these places. But count me IN on getting beer from a pissing dead dog.Ultimately, as long as there’s a thrift or antique shop in town its not hard getting me anywhere.

    I’d love that side panel off the fire engine. I used to fantically collect stuff like that when I was building a lot of sets.

    Tour of Niles:

    Camembert awarded for that poor dog who’s still having to work so hard to please its owner.

  2. windupkitty

    wow, thanks of the C’dC! These places are relatively quiet and small, so not terribly exciting, but I like that…Definteily worth a trip! As for the doggie bar tap, I have to admit, I was impressed!