Cemetery Graffiti ,Bristol UK

Submitted by shirlie williams February 17th, 2012
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This weekend we went to Bristol, and visited The Arnos Vale Cemetery. On many occasions I had glimpsed through the gate but it was always locked and the grounds looked to be in a state of decay. Arnos Vale opened in 1839, and contains over 42 acres of burial ground.In 1987, alarmed by a press report that the then owners wanted to clear a large section for commercial development, a group of concerned local people came together to oppose the proposals and win long-term protection for the cemetery as a heritage asset. It is now managed as a charity and has been saved from destruction.At the far end of the cemetery I found this disused building which had the most wonderful graffiti , I believe is the the work of Inkie, a Bristol Street Artist. I loved the contrast of the old and new.

On the side facing the entrance an impressive Inkie artwork.

Dotted about were some trees that had been decorated with knitted wraps, I discovered  that a local community knitting group were asked to make a knitted trail around the cemetery last year, and some of the pieces were still their.

A beautiful place and obviously cherished by all the local people. Here is a picture typical of the cemetery, now maintained by volunteers and the charitable trust, also a haven for wildlife in an inner city area…

8 Responses to “Cemetery Graffiti ,Bristol UK”

  1. Allee Willis

    Now THAT’S a hip cemetary! I don’t care if I’m under ground, I still want cool surroundings.

    Is it decorated throughout the cemetery or only in one section? All peeps should be surrounded by color and stimulating vistas.

    • shirlie williams

      Just that one building as far as I could see. People Power otherwise this whole place could have been a building plot…

  2. MyFunCloset

    Your are a gifted photographer. You have captured the contrast of color, texture, subject and form. Oh yes, love the smilely birds too.

  3. windupkitty

    Wow! your pictures are just gorgeous!! the last one looks like a painting!!!! what a cool place…so glad to hear it’s being preserved!!!

    • shirlie williams

      I love the last picture as well, I took well over 100 !! It was a photo opportunity everywhere I turned I almost had to breathe into a paper bag..