Board game from hell… 70’s style.

Submitted by Douglas Wood February 23rd, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

This has to be the least fun board game in existence–  it’s designed for kids to play with their therapists, with the goal of getting them to talk about their feelings.  Of course, this came out in 1973– how perfect is that?

I love the IMPORTANT NOTICE that comes with the game:  “The Talking, Feeling, and Doing Game was designed to be used ONLY by mental health professionals in their therapeutic work with children.  Accordingly, every reasonable attempt is made to limit the sale and distribution of the game to such professionals.  (Side note:  I bought this at an estate sale.  It belonged to a rabbi.)  Use of the game by parents with their own children is therapeutically contraindicated.  Most parents are not trained to provide appropriate therapeutic responses to the cards.  And even those who are, are not likely to have the objectivity with their own children that is necessary for optimum utilization of the game.  Lastly, such play with parents will compromise the child’s use of the game with his or her therapist.”

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