Basket Case !

Submitted by shirlie williams February 24th, 2012
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This building was invented by Dave Longaberger,on December 17, 1997 in Newark, Ohio there appeared the world’s largest basket and also the seven-story headquarters of the Longaberger Basket Company.

The basket building is — 160 times larger — of Longaberger’s Medium Market Basket. It’s 192 ft. long by 126 ft. wide at the bottom, spreading to 208-ft. long by 142-ft. wide at the roofline.

And a  huge basket, filled to overflowing with large, fake apples, is on the Longaberger Homestead,Frazeyburg ,Ohio.It is believed to be the worlds largest apple basket…

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  1. shirlie williams

    I am in awe of this structure…I would fall in a dead faint should I turn a corner and see this wondrous building…I want to look inside ..Thank you for the Camembert Allee