6 Responses to “West German Dragon Boat Pin”

    • Carrie

      All of the West German pins I have are marked in the same way as this. I have seen other West German jewelry marked differently but I have only picked up the ones like this, with MADE IN W GERMANY stamped into the pin clasp. I haven’t been able to find much information about manufacturers or age (maybe I’m searching in the wrong language?) but I have been under the impression that most are vintage… About only thing I know for sure is that they are pre-1989!

  1. BeeJay

    I´m from germany and I´ve never seen that shippy before. I first thought it maybe was the Viking Ship of “Wickie” (cartoon), but I was wrong. I agree it must be pre-1989, otherwise it wouldn´t say west germany. I was just looking at your owl pin, which is totally gorgeous btw! That the needle on the back is exactly the same doesn´t neccessarily mean the whole pin comes from the same manufacturer, as most of the vintage pins here have the NEEDLE of this manufacturer. I guess it´s from the early 80´s and was either a limited club pin or one of those pins we once had here in our cornflakes packages :)