Bakerman Cookie Jar (Part 2)

Submitted by MyFunCloset February 29th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

This yellow cookie jar was waiting for my sister & I when we came home from school for as long as I can remember. It sat on the counter near the sink always filled with cookies. Thankfully, it also survives many family moves in one piece. It’s one more treasure that sits on a shelf in the kitchen, but no longer is filled. I don’t want to run the risk of an accident.

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    • MyFunCloset

      In my research, this cookie jar, by Redwing, also came with a blue glaze. Most of the red handle tools are for display, but yes, I use them as needed. The rolling pin, flour sifter and metal tenderizing mallet were kitchen tools I actually grew up with. Most everything else came from estate sale in the past few years. Always love to share!