Hey Disco Citizens – It’s Bob Esty! 24×18 (a painting by Denny)

Submitted by denny March 2nd, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

This picture just kills me.  I had met Bob through Allee and when snooping through Bob’s pictures, I came across this one.  I was so taken by this photo that is almost turned into an obsession.  Well, not really but it is a pretty fabulous photo that truly represents the era in which it was taken.  I think Bob was 16 or 17 here and the pic was taken around 1965.  So it was a matter of time before I actually attempted to paint this fabulous 60’s image!  Here you go disco citizens……

8 Responses to “Hey Disco Citizens – It’s Bob Esty! 24×18 (a painting by Denny)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Love this! And love Bob Esty! He was my very first (and only) musical director. For my ill-fated and infamous Childstar tour in 1974. Oh the adventures we’ve had. Photo and painting kill me!

    For those of you who may not know, Bob is a famous songwriter, arranger, background singer and producer. My favorites of Bob’s are Take Me Home by Cher, which he wrote, sang on, arranged and produced, and also his brilliant arrangements on Donna Summers’ Last Dance and MacArthur Park.

  2. denny

    This kills me the more I look at it. As it turns out, Bob was a bit ginger-ish and I gave him tan hair! Is that original picture a killer or what?

    I finally figured it out, he’s actually holding glass birds.

  3. BRBill

    Ah, glass birds, i was thinking really twisted car hood ornaments. I think the look is a bit more holdover beatnik-ish with the vest and beret, cool nonetheless.

  4. Bobby Siems

    “Hold it, I think you’re gonna like this picture” Love THAT Bob!…While I never saw him dressed quite like that in the ’73-’74 era when I met him
    (while drumming for Allee on the aforementioned Childstar World Tour!),
    I think it could still be a viable look today! Stumbled into this site after
    hitting some Donna Summer stuff and thinking of Bob (and Gotham, too)
    and that awe inspiring era of Cabaret in NYC. Thanks Allee!

    • Allee Willis

      BOBBBBBBBY!!!!! How are you? LOVED seeing your name here! I JUST finally performed again 2 weeks ago after an almost 4 decade lapse. I talk about our Childstar tour in the show.

  5. Bobby Siems

    ALLLEEEE….Just thinking about those rehearsals w/ Andre (Boogie Master)
    and Fonzi, Michelle and Edna and Mr Esty on the keys. Fun Fun Fun!

  6. denny

    Bobby! We’re all on Face Book!!!!!

    Well, howdy, I’m Allee’s biggest fan, yes it’s true!

    I know all about “Childstar”!