4 Responses to “The Tears of a Clown Car”

  1. Allee Willis

    Would love to see this whole car.

    There would be no tears from this clown if it were packed in my driveway.

    Any idea what year this is or what brand of car this is. 1930’s street rod?

    I’ve been locked in the studio all weekend on a recording deadline and most of the time have had Mecum Auto Auctions on the Velocity Channel up on the screen. All those muscle cars let me pretend I’m outside in the sunshine zooming down some street toward a fabulous diner instead of eating 3-day-old Chinese food because it’s 4 AM and no one’s still delivering.

  2. Bob oybay Davidson

    I wish I knew what kind of car it is. Probably a Ford? 3 day old Moo Goo Gai Pan sounds delightful. Thanks for keeping up with my voluminous submissions!