Buddy Greco might not be good for business…

Submitted by shelleyduvall2 March 8th, 2012
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My boyfriend and I have a slight record digging problem and this is definitely one of my “dollar bin” favorites.   Buddy Greco and Visions – Hot Nights.  I just adore Buddy in his tux, smashed between the Susanne Sommers twins.  As a stylist, I appreciate their smocked cuffs and matching side pony tails pointing to stage left.   But the absolute BEST part is the note – scotch taped to the bottom – unaltered – here is a close up…

“Jim Hoosier – It’s kind of like before, But now we have to shoot them in the head.  It’s not very good for Business!”

Jim, I couldn’t agree more.  Not very good for business.

9 Responses to “Buddy Greco might not be good for business…”

  1. Allee Willis

    Wow, definitely staggering on many levels.

    Very hard to top the taped on note and content within it, but in addition to the spectacularly haired Sommers twins, it’s the girth of Buddy’s bowtie that gets me. And his shirt looks like sheer material between those vertical white stripes. Which means chest hairs, which Buddy undoubtably has in mass, are also featured.

    Meanwhile, Buddy Greco was definitely a successful musician. Though this doesn’t look so much like THE Buddy Greco., but maybe so….

  2. shelleyduvall2

    Chest hair forest! I know – I just could not believe how low rent this was because he was successful. Maybe he was going through hard times because “Visions” were draining his funds.

    The perm combined with his face makes him resemble a dark haired/slightly more masculine Sophia Petrillo.

  3. shelleyduvall2

    Can anybody explain the red marker? “Wor – Recad – tilray”?? Greco is circled, and 1/82. Perhaps it another layer to the Jim Hoosier mystery.

    • Allee Willis

      The whole thing’s a mystery. Why he looks more like Sophia than the real Buddy Greco not the least of them. WOR was a radio station in NYC. Maybe that has something to do with the red marker?

  4. BRBill

    I read the red writing on the cover as WOR Record Library. And the circled Greco was probably how it was to be files, under G. The 1/82 was probably when the record was received at the radio station.