Serious card players lived here…

Submitted by MyFunCloset March 8th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

A shot from yesterday’s estate sale. As I descended the narrow stairs to the “rec” room, this is the first thing that called to me. It appears to be inlaid, measuring about 18″ square. Perhaps the new owners will scrub it clean and enjoy it for another 60 years.

7 Responses to “Serious card players lived here…”

  1. MyFunCloset

    This is the only crafty touch with kitsch on it. The home sale items were really not all that interesting. The “mangler” presser described yesterday was just a few feet from this unique & personal touch from the past.
    What you have done in your home is keeping the best of the present & past alive, worthy of a “National Treasure” plaque.

  2. Mod Betty

    Whoa! That is so so cool! We have beat up linoleum in our Hacienda basement but I’d LOVE to have this instead! Closest linoleum kitsch I’ve come across is in a hall in one of the churches in town, there’s a shuffleboard “alley?” laid in. I’ll share if I can find the photo! (Saw it while I was there doing “aerobics”, but that’s another story for another time ;-))

  3. Nessa

    Oh oh, I went to an antique mall in Columbus OH, and it was in an old house that was also a former mens’ club, and they had this stuff on the floor.

    I took pictures, I’ll have to upload them.