Black Power Bootsie

Submitted by shelleyduvall2 March 9th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

Here she is folks – in all her splendor.  I picked her up on a trip to my homeland: Minnesota.  I was at a Savers in Prince territory.  So I was nostalgically listening to “Sign o’ the Times” when I stumbled upon this gem.  I took it as “A Sign” and brought her back to NY where I named her “Black Power Bootsie”.  I’m not sure if she is novelty or authentic – but either way I’m diggin’ the hand sprouting from the head.  The details kill me…

Please note the applied gold metal fingernails and also the semi precious “fishtank gems” that have been glued around the brim.  I am pretty sure those stones got that shine from a Rock Tumbler.

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