Women are tired.

Submitted by shelleyduvall2 March 15th, 2012
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As a man I have always wondered… but I didn’t know what I could do about it??  Now I know.   I’m not sure if the cover model ever figured it out, but judging by the scotch tape, I think the previous owner got some use out of this book.  I really hope she found peace and or a little more energy.

Here are some suggestions for feminine fatigue:

As a man I am a huge fan of enzyme baths.  I fill my tub with wood chips, puffed rice cereal and “enzyme powder”.  It definitely helps my mild pain but I cannot speak to “curing cancer”.

As a man I also enjoy this fifteen minute solution.  Chattering on the phone – in the middle of the day – to an old friend = emotional benefits.  I actually prefer to talk on the phone in my sawdust bath while I am being tickled.

Women… good luck.

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