Oy, whadda day…

Submitted by Allee Willis March 16th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

An insanely insane day today that includes everything from getting my roots done so my hair doesn’t continue to look like a divided highway, several computer tech tweak visits, finishing a song with Philip Bailey and Larry Dunn for the new Earth, Wind & Fire CD via Skype, a Skype interview with sodajaerk.com, a conference call with a very astute TV network about a certain esteemed Mr. P. Will, a full day of  prepping animation art for my upcoming Allee Willis’ Super Ball Bounce Back Review and somehow getting to the vet for Sweet Potato’s chest xray to clear him for an $800 shot next week that will kill his thyroid and make him a happy, albeit radioactive, cat. Anyway, crazzzzzzy stupid stuffed day and no time to curate as I have a Skype call in 3 minutes and am still sans clothing. So back tomorrow with TONS ‘o yo beautiful Kitsch!

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