Disco Beat Earring Holder

Submitted by Nessa March 21st, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

Disco Beat earring holder.  I know this has been posted here before, and I know you have one too, Allee.  But I thought I’d share mine, too.

I really like this thing, it’s so heavy, but so useless, haha.. and so.. not… Disco.

Made by Revere, USA.

4 Responses to “Disco Beat Earring Holder”

  1. Allee Willis

    Yes, thank God I own this already. I think aKitschionado Doug Wood is the other proud owner.

    But USELESS is an understaement. Have you ever been able to sucessfully hang an earring on this??

    Where did you get yours and do you remember how much you paid?

    • Nessa

      Yes, I think I got it at a Yard Sale or Flea Market and I couldn’t have paid more than $5 for it, probably more like $2. I’ve never used it for earrings, I only wear a few pairs regularly and they’d get all tangled up on this thing anyway!

  2. Douglas Wood

    Weird how all three of us managed to find this little gem and love it for all the same reasons. I firmly believe that strange esoteric objects manage to find the right owner.