1912 Cinema Facade

Submitted by shirlie williams March 24th, 2012
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I came across this beautiful facade in Falmouth, Devon on the SW coat of England. Inside were a few random shops, such a shame the whole building could not be restored.

St George’s Arcade used to be Falmouth’s first cinema which was, when it was built in 1912, one of the largest in Britain. However, the cinema was badly damaged by fire during the war.

It was difficult to get pictures as it was a very busy narrow road..

4 Responses to “1912 Cinema Facade”

  1. Allee Willis


    How much of the building is occupied with shops now? And what kind of shops are they? Do they have anything to do with the gorgeous façade or was it just more real estate to sell?

    • shirlie williams

      Allee when I visited there was a clothes shop and a tattooist, but with lots of empty spaces, pretty dull, which was a shame.