Diva Piggy bank (and her secret key)

Submitted by Gilles Snowcat March 24th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

Each cultures have its reputation. Accurate or not, you’ll be judge. Holland carries a reputation of having people who think that a penny saved is a penny earned. True or false, no matter, but you won’t be surprised that this lovely Diva Piggy bank comes straight from the country of windmills and free bicycles.

Don’t be shy, Diva, show us your lovely back:

And what happens when you’ve saved enough pennies that you think it’s time to spend your hard-earned pay? Should you break the lovely Diva into tearful pieces? Nah, you can (shamelessly) take the secret key, hidden in an equally secret place:

Now isn’t it time to think and grow rich?


One Response to “Diva Piggy bank (and her secret key)”

  1. Allee Willis

    I certainly love this little piggy. Her color combo is fantastic and the fashions she’s sporting are absolutely perfect. Love her little wings on the back. Her back itself is a little on the human side, almost like looking at a baby’s back. She looks like a very happy Miss.

    And yes, it certainly is the time to think and grow rich!